Student Testimonials


"I was the project manager at the architecture firm that designed the facility. I sat in during a class and enjoyed it so much that I enrolled the next day. HTC provides students with an excellent value for the cost of tuition and the education they receive. The university provides a one on one environment with its small classes. This gave me the opportunity to learn a great deal from each professor."


Brett Moss

"The professors at HTC are all very knowledgeable and down to earth. They make getting your degree an enjoyable experience. While working on my MBA degree, a professor assisted me with filling out important paperwork, and another professor of mine wrote a recommendation for me on LinkedIn. When you become an HTC student, I recommend asking lots of questions because the professors have so much to share with you!"


Lavinia Penna


"Before attending HTC, I was ready for a career change. The attention I received from dedicated professors, student services, administration and staff is extraordinary and helped me succeed. A couple times when I couldn't buy my books on time, HTC loaned me the textbooks until I was able to get them on my own. HTC has the tools and technology to teach and the quality of education to put me above other candidates when looking for jobs."


Cesar Rodriguez


"At HTC, the best part of preparing for my new career is being around true professionals that help and advise you to choose the right career path. I always say that at HTC, we feel at home. Everyone here counts!"




"I had always been interested in going back to school. HTC was able to help me like no other school and they are willing to help you! Upon my first visit to HTC, I was motivated to enroll because of the supportive environment. HTC and the professors are always available if you need anything.


John Maier